Spot on Surgical App

SpotOn Surgical developed an app to provide surgeons and nurses with real time support in the use of often complex equipment during surgeries. It also provides healthcare professionals in-depth product information as reference material.

Taking the existing app from being a virtual conferencing tool, we reconceived how and why healthcare personnel would benefit from use of the app. We reimagined the greater potential of SpotOn’s offering and the impact this could have on their business.

The navigation was simplified to 3 core components: Connect (face-to-face connectivity with the supplier representative); Browse (news and related articles delivered via RSS feed) and Search (product and supplier directory).

In addressing the UI, high importance was placed on delivering complex information in a user-friendly way – persistent navigation as the base layer and stacking panels creates a clear hierarchy and ensures users do not get lost within the intricate system of the app.

As a result, we created a true digital hub – where technical support and product information come together.


Roam Creative / SpotOn Surgical

UX / UI Design

Roam Creative